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IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.

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All tactical areas of the "marketing communications umbrella" should be complementary and strategically integrated to promote a consistent image.... and to stretch a budget.

Public Relations
The “soft sell” of marketing intended to sell an image — not a tangible product or service — via high visibility projects that often capitalize on media coverage and community service. The intent of many activities in this arena is “good will.”

Special events or activities that require participation or involvement of specific audiences. Some activities, such as seminars or open houses, allow demonstration of a product or service without actually being a sales pitch — others include contests and purchase incentives.

Client & Referral Source Relations
Keeping customers and referral sources, and generating referrals from them, is far less expensive than capturing new ones. Activities should make them feel appreciated and maintain your “share of mind.”

Anything that is printed to project your image — from stationery and signs to brochures and marketing
letters. In many cases, this is your only chance to make a first impression.

Paid advertising messages via print and broadcast. This can be achieved through consumer-oriented media or through trade publications that target potential referral sources.

Direct Selling
Networking, personal selling, catalogs and a variety of other tangible vehicles that are very pointed in their intent to sell a product to directly service specific markets.


"I began working with Carolyn and Impact Marketing in 2005, and her public relations and promotional expertise has been integral to the success of Franchise & Business Law Group. She and her team have developed and maintained our website, and also have done a wonderful job helping to write and then facilitating placement of my articles in several Maryland business publications."
— David Cahn, Franchise & Business Law Group

"I did not think that I could afford such a beautiful website, and you have made it possible. You are such a driving force and visionary with such good ideas. You've enabled me to see how a more professional website will help my business. I sincerely appreciate your help so very much."
—Carolyn Hamilton, TimeOut Health Solutions



The following list represents some of the tactical recommendations that may be included in one of SmartBiz’s comprehensive marketing plans...or simply an a la carte listing of some of the projects with which SmartBiz can assist you:
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • websites
  • direct mail
  • press relations
  • press releases
  • press conferences
  • open houses
  • grand openings
  • seminars
  • customer communications
  • industry relations
  • special events
  • referral source programs
  • media/ad recommendations and placement
  • customer-get-a-customer incentive campaigns
  • high visibility community service projects
  • client retention programs
  • consulting/general feedback
  • ghost writing
  • social / online marketing
  • whatever other creative
    communications you may need...


Impact Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.