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IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.

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Team Approach


SmartBiz’s “team” approach
to client service

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to build an organization with talented individuals who not only contribute their own creativity and experience, but who also understand what it means to be a “team” player.

SmartBiz’s approach to client service is based on this philosophy — the SmartBiz team approach.

While Carolyn West-Price Touhey, the company’s founder, personally handle all strategic planning with clients and interact with each client on a regular basis — as a member of your management team — they also oversee SmartBiz’s network of talented public relations and advertising pros, with each professional contributing his or her specialty to each account when needed.

In addition, the overlap of a team system enables SmartBiz to assist clients more efficiently, as opposed to the traditional agency structure which often leaves you hearing, “Sorry, your account representative is out of the office today.”


"Carolyn goes above and beyond what she has been asked to do, she is a consummate professional in all aspects of her business with marketing and improving your business and I highly recommend
her to anyone and everyone."
— Sandra & Walter Moses



At SmartBiz, we believe the “team” approach is the best approach that will allow you to make an impact through creative, cost-effective marketing communications. Isn’t it time for your organization to make an impact by teaming with SmartBiz?

Whether your objectives and competitive position suggest that you work with SmartBiz on an ongoing basis — as your very own “part-time marketing department” — or simply on projects when they arise, SmartBiz’s flexibility and creativity will
certainly give you a competitive edge.

IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.